Banda - Madre Sun


In the crucible that is Old London Town in 2019 comes a heat that is both of it's time yet approaches with a familiar swagger.
A new ROCK band that unashamedly uses the tried and true guitar, bass, howl and drum to craft hard hitting and snappy songs to provide the comforting punch you haven't felt in a while.
You want to label it? No can do.

This is Madre Sun!
The band is formed by Cavina brothers Eduardo (lead vocal/bass) and Matt (backing vocal/guitar) with Tyson Schenker on the lead guitar and Flipi Stipp on drums.

As one of the biggest Rock & Metal Portal in South America described them:
“The band has a groundbreaking proposition by blending elements of classic heavy metal with blues, southern rock and others rock and roll.” (Wikimetal Brazil).

A debut EP is in the can and the diary is filling up with shows in and around the Capital.
In a time when everybody seems to be on opposite sides the only question is Whose Side Are You On? ROCK or not?

The EP was recorded in Cambridge/UK between 12th and 15th June/2019.



Em 2019, na velha Londres, nasce uma nova banda que traz de volta aquela energia reconfortante do Rock’N’Roll que  você não sentia há muito tempo.
E tentar rótulá-los é impossível.

Esse é o Madre Sun!
A banda é formada pelos irmãos Cavina, Eduardo (vocal / baixo) e Matt (backing vocal / guitarra) com Tyson Schenker na guitarra solo e Flipi Stipp na bateria.

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Twitter: @madresun

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