Banda - Endgame


Endgame is an Alternative Metal band from Milan, Italy, founded in 2015 by Mattia Vitale (vocals, guitar and songwriter), Daniele Vitale (Drum) and Alessandro Bianchi (guitar); the current lineup takes shape in 2017 with Simone Brambilla (bass). They released their debut single, Falling Star, in 2016 and their first EP, Theory Of Everything EP on July 24, 2017.

Due to the large number of styles, instruments and influences of the band's member, they created a unique sound - not a recognized genre. Their musical mark got always closer to Alternative Metal with Nu Metal and Cinematic elements characterized by heavy riffs with melodic vocals, electronic and orchestral music. The music style is compared to artists like Starset, Breaking Benjamin, Red and other similar bands.
They got good success reaching the national final of the contest “Rock Targato Italia” as the only and youngest Metal band in Italy.  A year later they were nominated for Fiat Music Awards (by Red Ronnie), playing in Ariston (Sanremo) on December 2017.

The band has found success in expanding the ideas of their concept albums through social media and YouTube with an ideological path well-defined: "represent human beings and their emotions, how they can interact with the present and how they can create their future without destroying themeselves and the place they live in. To be aware of how the world will become if the wickedness of people keep creating wars, conflicts and human’s differences that shouldn’t exist. A way to tell to everyone that nothing is due; explaining what is wrong against what’s true, the world against the human, a dialogue between what we show and what we have inside."

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